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Trail Obstacles is one of our specialty, we ride everywhere

The despooking / desensitising and trail obstacles program is designed to make horse and rider more confident, less spooky on the trail and in handling. It gets the horse better broke to accept new things calmly and confidently. The more broke a horse is the more confidence it can give the rider.

Trail Obstacles at the Flying M

If a horse will handle all the despooking and trail obstacles here at the ranch, then we go out on a big ranch and do the same things. We (you and I) want the horse to look at and accept any new object or scary thing calmly and quietly. A good broke horse in my book is low heaeded, quiet, calm, responsive to your requests, and confident in his ability to do whatever is asked of him softly and quietly. They must respond to cues and not be high headed and flighty. I want them to stop and look at any new thing and then proceed as asked by the rider.

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