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Cowboy and Cowgirl Weekends at Flying M Ranch Texas Hill COuntry

2018 Dates: Apr. 27-29 | May 25-27 | June 8-10

Arrive after 3 PM on Friday, Ride all day Saturday and half day Sunday. Departure time about noon.
Bring your horse and feed and overnight bag and stay at the ranch or in a nearby motel, or ride my horse for $50. Meals are extra at local café.

Maximum of 4 riders
Special one on one attention to your needs and wants. $250 each person.

You can also SCHEDULE SESSIONS to fit your schedule,
individuals or groups, your horse or ours. I will arrange weekends by appointment if the regular scheduled dates do not work for you.

Our Program - “Have Fun With Your Horse”

1. Safety with horses
2. Barn rules
3. Do’s and Dont's around horses
4. Feeding and nutrition
5. Basic first aid
6. Proper saddling and bridling
7. The reason for so many bits
8. What type of saddle for you
9. How about saddle pads
10. What you should know about shoeing
11. How to groom and wash your horse
12. Despook your horse
13. Tarp work to gentle your horse
14. Learn to drive your horse

15. Learn to use a check line
16. Learn to hobble and properly tie a horse
17. Good ground manners
18. Learn to relate properly and teach your horse to respond to you
19. Limber and supple your horse before riding
20. Use leg and hand cues
21. Proper hands on reins and posture in saddle
22. Learn precision riding and pattern work
23. Horse and rider communication
24. Games on horseback
25. Trail obstacles - Timed events
26. Horse Show events - Pleasure and Trail
27. Halter - Showmanship - Horsemanship
28. Trailer loading


horse camps and clinics at flying m ranch texas
Exclusive Equine Sessions. You and Your Horse or Our Horse.


cowboy and cowgirl weekends in texasYour horse, tack, feed, and hay. Grooming tools, fly spray, shampoo (label everything).
All the above can be kept in your trailer.
All your personal needs, riding clothes, boots, hat, sun screen, towel, comfortable shoes, shorts and tops for relaxing.
You may bring your snacks, drinks, candy, and any other edible in-between meal items.


TV or Computer or your Dog (although we love them dearly)
Cell phones to be used only at specified times

Accommodation: Comfortable bedrooms and baths in main house,
a ranch style home, or a nearby motel.

During this weekend you will gain confidence and learn a lot of horsemanship while having fun with your horse (AGAIN: Your horse needs to be shod on all four feet).
All for only $250. Don’t have a horse, we will provide one for $50 extra.

Mail a non-refundable deposit of $100 to
Flying M Ranch, 1335 County Road 264, Bertram, Texas 78605.
If you have to cancel, your deposit will be applied towards another Flying M Ranch event of your choice in the same calendar year.

If you bring a second horse, the charge for working a second horse is $75.
Balance of $150, plus any extra horse fees, is due upon arrival.

For your riding comfort jeans, boots and a hat of some sort is suggested.
Current year Coggins required.
Your hose needs shoes on all 4 feet.

Our focus is on teaching.
We have simple ranch facilities that are extremely useful for what we do,
nothing fancy or high dollar, but comfortable.


How do you Park a Horse?


Clinic Picture Diary

Day 1

Day 2+3


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